The European Association of Aerospace Students (EUROAVIA) is a European based students’ initiative and its main fields of activity are aerospace, engineering and the adjacent fields.  At this moment, the association comprises 42 Local Groups (Affiliated Societies) in 18 countries from all over Europe, counting over 2200 members in total.

AS Patras

During 2001-2012 and again since 2016 an Affiliated Society is operational in Patras. EUROAVIA AS Patras consists of capable volunteer students who have a common interest in aerospace and aeronautics and are trying to develop activities and organize events that will advance their industry. Our group distinguishes for its technical work force, a group of ambitious members that are constantly working on scientific and engineering projects.

Joining EUROAVIA had many surprises and experiences in store. At the same time, we had the opportunity to travel to the Belgrade Engineering School for a symposium from which we return richer in knowledge and friendships!

George Michailidis

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EUROAVIA helped us get to know and work with very friendly people over interesting projects, while it gave us the chance to travel to Belgrade and cooperate with the city’s Engineering School, something that expanded our scientific knowledge and helped us make new friends.

Kriton Paschalidis