ECS Symposium

Autopilot systems help transport millions of passengers to their destination safely every year.
SpaceX recently achieved the first automatic landing of their reusable thrust vectored rocket.

These breakthroughs have shaped and continue to shape the future of aerospace exploration and prove that electronics in combination with automation and control systems are an integral part of aeronautics.

As aerospace engineers, our team, inspired by the significance of being familiar with such technologies, decided to organize the Electronics and Control Systems Symposium. Our event aims to train the participants in the basics of electronic design and software control. One can expect to learn how the above can be applied in the design of a modern airplane, drone and rocket. Our team is working hard to organize lectures by distinguished professors and professionals, as well as workshops, that will provide a hands-on experience to the participants.

In an attempt to supply practical experience to the participants, we are planning visits to relevant laboratories of both ECE and MEA departments of the University of Patras. In addition, the participants will visit well-known local companies, learn about their current projects, how they aim to tackle problems of space exploration and get informed about what the city has to offer in terms of technology advancement and culture.

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The ECS aspires to be a meeting point both for students, passionate about the world of science, engineering and electronics, companies that work sucessfully on these fields and have a lot to teach us, professors that have both the expertice and the need to support their students and professionals dedicated to helping the world in every way possible.
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