The city of Patras is far from an ordinary city. The visitor can enjoy several sites, ranging from the Roman Odeon and the wonderful medieval castle to modern day elegant mansions as well as astonishing churches incorporating magnificent artwork. Above all, though, it is the city’s energy and lifestyle which may effortlessly allure the traveler. Attractive squares and lively pedestrian streets, bars and restaurants filled with the young and the trendy are found all around the city. One could make the most of the diverse eating and nightlife scene, which is enhanced by the presence of Patra’s 80,000 university students.

The city of Patras further boasts gorgeous beaches which attract both locals and tourists who can enjoy the well-known traditional Greek cuisine, based on the Mediterranean diet and way of life. One can also walk along the Rio-Antirio bridge, one of the biggest and most breathtaking bridges in Europe, leading to the picturesque small town of Naupactus. Finally, if you happen to be in Patras during its famous carnival, you will surely find yourself enchanted by the spectacle and you will be lucky to live a once in a lifetime experience.