Ancient, sun-bleached ruins pierce blue skies as the Aegean Sea laps at the endless coastline. Greece and its culture are alive with passionate music, unique cuisine and thrill-seeking activities.

A Wildly Natural Land

Whether you are a serious adrenaline junkie or a dedicated beach bum, Greece will bewitch you. Days melt from one to the next under wide open skies and a sea speckled with islands that deliver the white-sand, palm-fringed beaches of your dreams. Wander along cobbled Byzantine footpaths, cycle through lush forests. Meander through olive groves, idyllic villages and petrified forests. Thrill seekers will discover world-class kite-surfing, wreck diving, and rock-climbing locations with dizzying views. Simply hop on a boat and set sail into the glittering blue beyond.

A Culinary Adventure

Socially Spirited

A Cultural Treasure Chest

Greece is home to some of the finest ingredients in the world. Sample them in a traditional Greek dish along with a glass of ouzo. Taste herbs and mountain greens you’ve never heard of, bread baked with olives, taramossalata and Greek salad, sun dried, grilled octopus and fish straight from the Aegean. Taste-test regional cheeses such as crumbling feta, honeyed soft cheeses and sharp, hard rounds. Try the widely known pastitsio and moussaka or taste the street food by eating a souvlaki with gyros and tzatziki in the bewitching alleys in the center of Athens. Whether you prefer something gourmet or something simple, a sensational gastronomic experience is guaranteed.

Socializing is more than a pastime in Greece – it’s a way of life. Squares are the focal point, where life unfolds collectively. Immerse yourself, whether it’s a coffee, a shot of raki, a chorus on the bouzouki or a local celebration, as Greece has a calendar bursting with festivals. Enjoy the melancholic throb of rembetika or lead the Zorbas’ syrtaki. Greeks are passionate and live life to the fullest, even at the most difficult times. The result is a country seemingly riddled with challenges, yet full of people loving life

Greece has endless cultural pursuits. Explore ancient relics and take advantage of the legendary Greek hospitality. Stand in the shadow of Acropolis. Step into the ring where Olympians first competed. Climb steps hewn out of stone to Meteora’s monasteries, perched atop towering rocks. Contemplate the oracle’s insights from the grandeur of Delphi, take in a starlit drama at an ancient outdoor theatre and be stunned by massive marble sculptures dredged up from the Aegean.